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What you should know before starting a blog?

Posted by moneycentral on November 22, 2007

Apart from the basic things needed on blogging mentioned in my previous post on online marketing, you need to have knowledge on following things as well to set you apart from other bloggers.

1. Knowledge of HTML

HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark up Language. This is very basic language that defines the web page. All browsers understand this language and define formatting of text, image, alignment, font type, image placement, image URL and many more. There is lot more what browser does but widely used HTML tags will help you place your custom images, basic alignment and formatting of text.

2. Image editing

Blog post with Images makes a lot of difference. A picture is worth thousand words, which not only describe lot more and better then a paragraph. Little knowledge on photo editing gives you an extra edge, as on number of occasions you just might want to lower the size of image or crop, resize, edit color, resolution or make your own out of it. There are many image editing software for novice users to professionals like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Image Ready.

3. Search engine and SEO

Search engine is utmost important and primary source for directing readers to your blog. Your blog should be user friendly for major search engines to analyze and sort your post contents. Your blog should be optimized for search engine.

Search Engine Optimization is a big jargon and in-depth subject. There are tons of Search Engine optimization techniques to learn and implement. Often search engine algorithms get changed and reflect in different Page Rank of websites and blogs.

To begin with make your self clear about categories and tags you can insert with your blog posts. Tags are major keywords which describes your blog post is all about. In later stage I will describe each technique in detail to help you take your blog to higher page view level.

4. Online Marketing methods

There are number of ways you can market your blog depending on type, stage and size of your blog. I have listed some of widely used methods to jump start page hits.

Associated Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Social Marketing

Viral Marketing

Press release programs

Using blog directories

Using Google tools

There are many more and lot of innovative methods come up all the time to promote your blog. Later I will explain each marketing methods in-depth with examples. Keep reading this blog. Better subscribe by email or in a reader.

There are ways you can monetize your blog with these online marketing methods and there are good sites who offer handsome money depending on your blog status and performance data.

5. Your blog platform

If you are planning for blogging seriously and ready to spend little money better have your own domain and web-space. This will give you your own authority and less dependability on other free blog platform providers like Blogger or

Or you may start with these free platform providers initially and sooner move to your own domain. There are losses associated with this movement but you are not spending anything initially.

6. Your blog content

The single most important factor which differentiates blogs is its original content. Its contents, contents and contents which will create your loyal reader base and will set you apart from your competition.


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Online marketing in fast paced, constant changing Internet Era

Posted by moneycentral on November 21, 2007

Just after registering this blog on wordpress, I was thinking more about broad categories and subjects I wish to write in this blog which are central to online marketing which lead me to define online marketing first.

Online Marketing (from Wikipedia):

Internet marketing, also referred to as online marketing or Emarketing, is the marketing of products or services over the Internet.

Further, Marketing is defined as a societal process that is needed to discern consumers’ wants; focusing on a product/service to those wants, and to mould the consumers towards the products/services.

Good traits of a successful blog:

1. Well targeted readers/ clear niche

I have seen many blogs who write everything and anything, well that’s actually a fun out of having a personal blog but there are tons of blogs specific to a particular subject or a niche.

2. Product offering

Need to have a well thought subject/ category/ product before starting a blog. Needless to say that you must enjoy writing and have authority on the subject.

3. Know your competitors

Keep an eye on other blogs who offer same subject and target same niche readers. You will definitely get some more ideas to write on and you get the pulse of trend and what readers like.

4. Have some targets set with clear timeline

“Begin with the end in mind” – a Stephen Covey’s second habit of highly successful people. Where do I see my blog after a year? At least have this short term goal. Write it down in a post and save as a draft. It will remind you every time you see the dashboard.

5. Keep passion alive to keep blog live

Don’t let your spirit down. It takes a while to create a reader base, to grow blog posts consistently. In my previous blog it took 3 months to get Page rank 4. Important thing is to keep the passion alive, dedicate at least daily 30 min. to blog activity and keep patience.

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